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Originally Posted by Mr. Flopnuts View Post
Jesus, his own family said she visited him in Hawaii. Now, it's a hoax? ND is ****ing stupid for even entertaining this shit. They should've chucked him under the bus. He's ****ed, and now they are too.
There are 2 categories he could fall into:
1. Gullible dumbass who falls in love with online people who he never met (and stretches the truth about the meeting)
2. Lying nutjob who was in on it.

To me, there is no smoking gun there in that article that he was in on it. He couldve just stretched the truth about where they first met and telling his parents that they had met while in Hawaii. He could just be that stupid. Saw a clip of Dr. Phil recently. There are people out there who get off on preying on these huge gullible idiots. They have 2-3 year relationships and fall in love with people they have never met. 1 off the 4 people duped by this same person was an acquaintance of theirs (predator turned out to be a girl pretending to be a guy). Hopefully, for his sake, Teo falls into this category of gullible idiot.
Dr Phil episode synopsis.
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