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It is amazing that so many Eagles fans have decided to spend the entire day on a Kansas City Chiefs message board... the same day when their team hired a HC. That is the ultimate sign of obsession. Eagles fans obviously know that Andy Reid was the best HC in their franchise's history and their future, led by Chip Kelly/Howie Roseman appears to be a future of losing seasons.

Let's recap what else we learned about the Eagles fans in this thread:

1) They find nothing wrong with and actually embrace the idea of posting on a message board (Eagles Message Board or "EMB") that is owned and operated by the Philadelphia Eagles. They embrace the idea of being a "true fan", a.k.a. blind zombie homer.

2) They consider Jerome Brown's rotting corpse to be a valuable sex toy.

3) They are either naive to the fact or have been under false pretenses that the moderators on their Philadelphia Eagles owned/operated message board are anything but members of the Eagles P.R. Staff.

4) They consider NFL championships won in the 1940's to be just as worthy as NFL vs. AFL/Super Bowl championships.

5) The Eagles Message Board ("EMB") that most of these Eagles fans orginate from boosts their online traffic #'s by doubling as a transsexual online role play site where you can pretend to be Manti Te'o's "girlfriend" for $9.99/hour.

The bottom line is Chiefs= Andy Reid/John Dorsey, Eagles= Chip Kelly/Howie Roseman.

Advantage= Chiefs.

Game over.

Thread over.
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