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Started low carbing today. Decided on low carb since my diabetes seems to be starting to spiral out of control, and I need to get a grip on my blood sugar as quickly as possible, and the less sugars/carbs I put into my body, the better it will be for me.

I have been sick the last few weeks with the crud that has been running around, and even spent the night in the hospital last week...the crud and the diabetes took their toll on me. I am feeling better, but am lacking energy. Hoping the low carb will give me a bit of a boost. My endocrinologist thinks I might have to get some testosterone shots, since my levels were off.

I tried this last year, and failed so miserably, I have some serious doubts about whether I can do this. I feel like I can't let food go, even though I know that is what I need to do.

I know I need exercise too, but I am going to start out slowly. Just walking at first. I think if I start to drop some weight, I will feel like doing more. Walking briskly is apparently good for blood sugar readings, so even after I add in more aerobic exercise/weights, etc., I will probably need to walk at least every other day for the rest of my life....walking is kind of boring, so the thought of that is kind of depressing.

Sorry for my rant, I am just not in a great place when it comes to weight and health...but it is what it is. I know that if I do not get things under control and lose some weight, it is going to kill me someday.
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