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Agree with that.

I also think for both Wilson and Smith, if you put them on USC, they just freaking light it up. Better line talent than either of them had (notable due to just how bad USC's line was) and by far better skill position talent than Wilson had this season (not Smith, obviously).

I still say if Smith's a 9-win QB he's on the stage for the Heisman ceremony, with the exact same stats he posted as a 7-win QB. That's how much I think those two one-point losses (which he'd put the team ahead late, as you know...) hurts how he's perceived. And there's likely no debate at all about his status on early draft boards.
so i pretty much agree with everything you ever type

if WVU beats OU, which they should have, Smith has the brand name upset just like RG3 and resets the whole narrative about his season...instead, we end up with RunKC doing 'research' on youtube...

agree about Wilson and Smith at USC as well...I am torn on Barkley...have loved him since his frosh performance at Ohio St., loved him last year, then this year he just makes some really bad throws

i'd still take him, though, if that is what it comes down to
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