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Originally Posted by PGM View Post

Resign Bowe, Albert, and draft Geno. It really is that simple.
It's not that simple. Bowe is probably going to want to test the waters just like Carr did. This is his last shot at a big contract and he will get overpaid whether he's in KC or not. Will Bowe want to hang around for another QB in KC? I doubt it. Especially an unknown rookie QB. He's not like Reggie Wayne was last year. Reggie was going into his last contract. Also, Dorsey knows receivers and might prefer Jennings if he is going to pay one big money.

Albert will also demand big money. He will want to paid like a top 5 tackle and he probably deserves it. I really hope we get a deal done with him because in many ways what happens with him will dictate our draft.

Geno isn't a done deal yet. It's hard to say how the new regime will feel about him. I like the kid but, he doesn't look like he could start right away imo. We could throw him into the fire behind a good o-line but, there are questions about how he will transition. He has the best tools but, he isn't as far along as Wilson or Barkley in his progressions imo. He also seems like he lacks some mental toughness. It's like he gets down on himself when he gets behind. He would really be better served sitting for a year imo. Maybe we will sign a vet and draft him too?

Originally Posted by BossChief View Post
Starlite Loteui (sp) isn't a quality pass rusher as a defensive linemen.He is a beast against the run. If we want a high end run defender that isn't a good pass rusher, they overpay to keep Dorsey. It's as simple as that.

Dorsey was a MUCH better prospect coming out and has been developed as a 3-4 end by some of the best in the business.

What I'm trying to make clear as day is that there is NOBODY we can draft that gives us the value that any of the top quarterbacks give us. My preference is Geno Smith because I see him as the total package.

Plus arm
Elite accuracy (to every level of the defense)
Elite vision
Elite work ethic
Plus pocket presence
Plus experience
Played better against ranked teams
His qb rating went up each quarter
His stats improved every year
He has played in a pristine offense and air raid

I am baffled as to why the guy isn't getting a shiton more hype.
Glen Dorsey was a better prospect but, it says quite a bit about this class. Star is way up draft boards. Some even project he'll go #1. He's a good solid player like you say. He's not a game changer but, we have to play the hand we're dealt with this class. It is a very real possibility that we would draft him imo.

Note that as far as Geno goes those are your opinions. There are alot more scouts and draft nuts out there who see Geno as a mid to late first round pick. Honestly, it would be great if he fell and we could trade back or move back into the first and get him. We should all hope for that.

I think you should try and get used to the idea that we will not take a QB with our first pick. I think KC management has subtly been prepping us for it. Also, just about every football man that's interviewed on the radio says it won't be Geno. I think some need to look at him realistically instead of with desperation. I have been a Chiefs fan for 37 years and I feel the same QB pain that you guys do.

Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
Wilson? Dark horse? He's the consensus #2/3 QB in the draft already. A dark horse would be Ryan Nassib or Zac Dysert.
Tannehill was a darkhorse. He was projected as a late first to second rounder at this time last year. That's exactly where Wilson is at right now. I watched some tape on Nassib and Dysert today and they look pretty far behind to me. They REALLY stare down WRs. I mean they make Cassel look like the magic johnson of QBs....

We all want the same thing guys. I am mostly talking about what I think KC will do and why. If it were up to me, I would probably try and trade back a couple of spots and draft Wilson or just take him at #1 if I couldn't find a partner.

just my 10 cents
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