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How SEC schools potentially reach $34 million apiece in shared conference and NCAA revenues in 2014-15:

SEC television arrangements

ESPN and CBS contracts: $21.4 million per school ($300 million total)

Estimated to be worth $5.25 billion if new 15-year deals replace the 15-year deals that began with the 2009-10 school year. While the annual average would be $25 million per school, the deal likely would pay the school less in the early years, more in the later years.

SEC Network: $1.5 million per school ($21 million total)

A dedicated conference network is projected to have extremely good distribution among cable and satellite TV providers, especially in states where the conference has schools. It also may be attractive nationally.

Postseason football: At least $7.1 million per school ($100 million total)

With the new four-team playoff replacing the Bowl Championship Series and other new bowl arrangements, the SEC projects to get these total amounts in 2014-15 from the following sources:

--$50 million from the major conferences' playoff TV deal with ESPN; this is based on annual average over the life of a 12-year deal, so this amount may be lower in 2014-15.

--$40 million from its share of the Sugar Bowl, which will be operated under a new business model in which the SEC and the Big 12 primarily control the event.

--$6 million for having one team in a semifinal (the payout to conferences will be $6 million per semifinalist, so the SEC could get more than $6 million).

--$4 million for having one team in a so-called host bowl, one of the games outside the semifinals other than the Sugar Bowl.

Note: There will be no additional payouts to conferences based on teams advancing to, or winning, the championship game.

NCAA and other SEC revenue: $4 million per school ($56 million total)

--$15.3 million from the SEC football championship game.

--$4.9 million from the SEC men's basketball tournament.

--$33.7 million from the NCAA various revenue pools, including the men's basketball tournament fund.

The amounts listed here are the actual revenue amounts reported by the SEC for the football and men's basketball events in 2011-12 and the actual revenue total from the NCAA for 2010-11, the most recent one available. But they are not likely to increase dramatically. The football title game has been sold out annually; the basketball tournament revenue has been stable in recent years, according to SEC releases; and while the distribution from the NCAA may rise because of the additions of Missouri and Texas A&M and due to increases in NCAA revenue, the conference's expansion may offset an increase on a per-school basis. Also, some distributions from the NCAA are not shared equally.

Contributing: George Schroeder
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