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Originally Posted by BucEyedPea View Post
I love how the left likes to use the wisdom of the mob to alter our Constitution. Democracy is not the best form of govt. It's a mistake to abolish the EC.
Term limits, I can't agree to for the House since they have to be re-elected every two years. The senate perhaps due to their longer term.
However, I'd prefer we go back to state legislatures picking senators. This way if a senator is not acting on behalf of his state he can be removed.

There's no guarantee that term limits will solve our problems as another guy could be just as bad.
True but with term limits you prevent Senators and Congressmen from making it a career. Also the hope is that by doing this you force these politicians live with the laws they enact instead of being immune from them because they spend decades at times in office. Outside of the SCOTUS, I think all politicians should be subject to term limits.
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