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Originally Posted by listopencil View Post
Well, then **** them. Viva la revolucion.

It leaves open the practice of candidates selling themselves to the highest bidders (highly partisan Super-PACS, masquerading as special interest groups, or third parties.) Hence, you have groups like and the Koch Bros-backed "SuperPacs" whoring themselves publicly....hiding behind thinly-veiled claims they are merely exercising their first amendment accord with the Citizens United decision. And the SC just rubber-stamped the bitch. Twice. That's why we need an amendment. And it's a helluva lot more important than either of the ones the OP champions.

We are always hearing that Americans wonder why pols on neither side of the aisle can't get shit done, and work for "the people." They want shit done.

Well, shit ain't getting done because politicians' asses have been bought and paid for, lock-stock-and-barrel by our plutocratic elites on both sides of the political spectrum. That's why we don't merely have just political gridlock, but rather an all out mutha-fuggin' mother of all stalemates....designed to screw the working and middle class of this country right into the poor house.

Seriously, every single state in the country should legalize prostitution everywhere, because if politicians can get away with being the biggest whores on the friggin' planet...who can blame a workin' girl for trying to pay the damn bills?

It's times like this we ALL must protect the Second Amendment (despite tragedies like Sandy Hook,) because at some point shit may just have to get real....
Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of a leader, it's a lethal cocktail. --Grayden Carter

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