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Originally Posted by Detoxing View Post
Show me evidence, because i can't find any.

And even IF he is everything you want to say he is, what makes you think we'll even be in a position to draft him?

I've watched every single Louisville game this year. This kid made leaps this year from what I saw from his freshman year. I spotted a few minor things in his game in the first few games of this season that could be tweaked, but nevertheless I was content with what I saw. I felt like starting next year those minor adjustments would be made, but little did I know he wouldn't need next year.

He's made progress throughout the course of the season that would take others this year and a whole offseason to fix, and it was pretty obvious with each game he played. There's not a better play-action passer in CFB than him, and this kid has great footwork (Very similar to Peyton's), pocket presence, awareness, and reads coverage better than almost anyone I've seen this year. On top of that he makes great pre-snap adjustments. I mean this is, again, a TRUE SOPHMORE, making dummy calls at the Line of scrimmage. If I didn't know who this kid was when watching him this year, I'd think he was Peyton Manning.

IMO, at the moment, he's where Luck was when luck was getting all the hype his senior year. Scary thing is he's most likely gonna get better, and if that happens there's no doubt in my mind he can still the #1 pick from Clowney ( But of course that depends on the team that has the first pick. A team like Arizona would most definitely take him)

--Vs UNC
youtube. com/watch?v=8bQ_uMplUEY

--Vs USF
youtube. com/watch?v=4_4VhKqZcYo

-- Vs UC
youtube. com/watch?v=NB5xvBbLszk

--Vs Rutgers
youtube. com/watch?v=2V0qU_vjkMU

Look at the little things he does, such as looking off safeties(Especially on some of the throws in the game against RU) . And also check his footwork in the Rutgers game where he's had to come off the bench to play on a badly sprained ankle.

-- And the Florida massacre when he played with pins in his wrist.
youtube. com/watch?v=Z3XRVqI92xc
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