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I have to ask, what value is there keeping someone on this earth that would use a gun to gain something illegally?
What value is there in keeping someone on this Earth that would use a knife or other weapon to gain something illegally? If someone robbed a store by holding a knife to someone's throat, it's the same thing correct? Someone is threatening someone's life to gain. What about people that just make a verbal threat to someone's life whether to gain something or not? For instance, what if someone came up to you and said "I have a concealed gun and if you don't give me your money I will draw it and use it", but they don't actually have a gun. I'd be just about as scared of that as I would if someone actually drew a gun and did the same thing. So I don't agree that we should execute someone just for threatening a life. There's just too many variables and scenarios.

However, what I DO agree with is possibly executing someone for carrying out attempted murder. For instance, we've all seen television shows (or real life instances) where someone shoots a person in the head or chest, and that person is in the hospital fighting for their life. The cops say "You better hope that person survives or else". If you shoot someone with intent to kill, and by the miracle of god the victim survives, you should maybe be sentenced the same way as someone who shot someone with intent to kill and succeeded.

I don't know. It's tricky. We have so many laws already, and these people out there using guns for all the wrong reasons are typically so stupid they don't know the law, or they're so far gone they just don't care.
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