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Originally Posted by Mizzou_8541 View Post
You will find that ku fans care much more about mizzou, than mizzou fans care about ku. This is evidenced by numerous ku fans who consistently remind mizzou fans in the Mizzou thread exactly how much they don't care. It's hysterical. Resident troll comochief (who's nothing more than the butt of jokes on the board) and many other beakers like to come in to our thread and talk shit, but then turn around and say they don't care. Actually, most ku fans aren't bad at all, but there are a few who just cannot help them selves.
Depends on who they are and where' they're at. Mizzou and KU graduates generally buy into the hype but people that like KU and Missouri basketball because they've from that area don't really care. I went to a different college but grew up in the suburbs outside of Wichita so I've been a lifelong KU fan and seriously give two f's about the manufactured rivalry. As long as I've watched KU they've bassically been whoring out MU. I personally couldn't stand Oklahoma and their sweaty jean shirt coach more so than MU, especially when they went through long periods of sucking and hiring crack heads for coaches.
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