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You make a valid point. And please, don't think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist, because I'm not. I think some of the theories out there about 9/11 are a bit outrageous. But do you believe it's possible? That though maybe not planned by our government, the warning signs were intentionally ignored?
I think it has been established that there was intelligence suggesting that terrorists were looking at hijacking airplanes to use on kamikaze missions. Was the information ignored or was action just not taken swiftly enough? In hindsight, there should have been some action taken, but those decisions come with consequences of their own. If the govt increases security at airports and word gets out that a terrorist attack is likely, the airlines would lose large amounts of business. Sure, in the end the airlines were crippled by the attacks anyway, but what if the govt would have created a panic and nothing happened? These type of decisions are never easy and have far reaching consequences beyond the obvious.
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