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Originally Posted by RunKC View Post
Mike Glennon and Matt Barkley are the guys who could be picked in round 2 if one is there.

If you think Reid is not going to consider one of those guys you're crazy. Both played in a pro style West Coast offense.

And the accuracy concerns around Glennon are not justified. You put any QB in college on that NC State offense and they completing below 60% just like Glennon.
I agree. But if Reid doesn't go QB in the 1st it's not likely he will in the second either. There's a strong possibility that Reid will give Cassel a chance. Andy Reid's system offense is very QB friendly. Guys like Feeley and Garcia won 9 out of 11 games under his system. Let's look at Cassel for a minute though. After adjusting to a new offense, in his second year, he lead the chiefs to a 10-6 record. In 2011, Jamal Charles went down, and that, among other things, contributed to a modest 7-9 season. 2012 he had to adjust to a new offense....and the record speaks for itself. Why would Cassel work under Reid? Simple: System QB.

Guys like Schaub ( and to an extent, Flacco) are System QBs. You won't see Schaub drop back 40 times, to try to come back from a deficit in order to win you a game. Dude needs his play action and the threat of the run to prosper. A better example, and the epitome of a system quarterback, would be Alex Smith. Look at that guy pre and post Harbaugh. So chances are, Reid will roll with Cassel, and draft a guy like Dysert (Who's already running a West Coast like offense) in the mid rounds to back Cassel up. But then again that's all in theory.

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