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and here we are, yet again.....those that believe the official story are sheeple....those that dont believe the official story are tin-foil hat-wearing loons.

Here are my 2 cents on this (for what it's worth):

- I hate when people say "our government" was behind 9/11. That is WAY too broad of stroke to paint on this topic. Were there people "in the know"? Probably. But any operation like this - IF it wasnt what the official story says - would be a CIA op.

- 9/11 commission report and Cheney/Bush. Members resigned (google senator max cleland)....others said that it was very apparent an "end result" was known early on...and they were being led to that throughout the process; Bush/Cheney refusing to testify under oath and with no media

- Prior knowledge of intent to attack; The administration knew....Rice was quoted....and the now famous document "bin laden determined to strike US" (daily brief to president on August 6, 2001)

- Bin laden was getting dialysis treatment in US hospital (Dubai I think it was) in July/August of 2001.....So if we knew Bin Laden was "determined to strike..." in August of 2001....???

- Building 7 wasnt hit by planes, yet it went down. Whether you buy into the "Pull it" statement or not, there's smoke here. The 9/11 commission didnt address it....why? If you believe "debris" caused Bldg 7 to go down.....that's the line in the sand on believing official statements or not apparently

- Shanksville. Multiple eye witnesses on-site said they went to the crash site - and nothing was there. No luggage, no nothing. My theory: It was shot down....and our gov't didnt feel the american people could handle the truth.

- San Diego. Two of the hijackers were living in a known FBI informants apartment.

-Pentagon. Why was the security tape confiscated so quickly? And why not just shut up the entire conspiracy movement by releasing the entire tape? In one release to the public, much of the truth movement could be squashed by releasing the entire footage of a "plane" hitting the pentagon. But nope....for some reason we're shown a 1/2 second "blur"

- Intel day of and after 9/11. 9/11 was the greatest detective work ever processed in the history of our world. Within days we knew who was responsible (Bin laden did NOT claim the attacks....Sept 17 and Oct 16 he denied responsibility....but take that for what its worth I guess); Additionally, passport of hijacker found in rubble of ground zero. This is the one that cracks me up the most.....again, if you think finding an intact passport amidst the rubble at ground zero is well within the reasonable/plausible - well, again, we'll have to agree to disagree

- Troop totals and Afghanistan/Iraq. The single worst attack on US soil....and within days our government knows who is responsible....and how many troops do we send to Afghanistan to find public enemy #1? 1,300 troops. And what did we accomplish in Afghanistan? Anyone know off of the top of their head? And why, within a year, the US starts diverting our attention to a greater threat - Saddam!!! (where members of our government have gone on record saying the bush administration made it clear early on after 9/11 that Hussein was the real target

- End game? TSA stripping grandma and grandpa....fondling your kids....showing up in bus stations, games. The internet, veterans, and any gun owner being demonized and labeled as a threat (and dare I say it....domestic terrorist). Emails and phone calls being monitored. Countless millions/billions made by the Carlyle group and Halliburton. Not to mention whatever oil deals we struck as part of our "retribution" for 9/11. And building permanent bases in as many countries in the middle east that are willing to take a check from the US as payoff.

I dont know exactly what happened on 9/11.....but what I DO believe is that the US is a radically different country today, than what it was in 2000. And I think there's more holes in the "official" story than swiss cheese.

Does that mean you are a loon or sheeple, based upon believing it or not - nope. You're free to believe whatever you want to believe. I dont look down on others based upon their OPINIONS. I can disagree.

I mean c'mon....if you are pro-guns or pro-abortion, yada yada yada.....when was the last time someone gave you a speech that made you change your mind?

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