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Uh, no. But underachieving is underachieving. When you have the supposed best coach ever and best QB ever, you're not supposed to choke like a Filipino hooker in her first porno. Joe ****ing Flacco? Really? At home? The criticisms are valid; the Pats have been outcoached at halftimes, Brady and Welker have collapsed in key moments, Belichick can't build a D (and he's supposed to be a defensive genius), and Adam Vinatieri is the difference between "dynasty" talk and being 0-for in Super Bowls. This has been the pattern since the '06 AFCCG collapse to Indy. It's not about "almost" getting it done.

Still, though, it's funny to watch the pathetic and miserable joy some of you get over having them lose. Watching GoSwallow is like watching a guy with a 2" dick making fun of a guy with a 7" dick for not being long enough.
You're basically a stepford wife who came over to our neighborhood singing the praises of "The Patriot Way" and challenging anyone who didn't think the "exec of the decade" and "the shitty backup QB that the exec of the decade" made into a millionaire 63 times over were the greatest things.

After being tortured for 4 years, we finally rid ourselves of this filth, and now we get to watch all the assholes who tried to tell us their shit smelled better than everyone elses over that time frame suffer a bit?

You smug one who sucks the peniss deserve it all.
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