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I think some fans are under the impression that people like me are going to go off the deep end on Reid/Dorsey if they pick anything but Geno at #1 overall. That's simply not true.

But if they take ****ing Luke Joeckel or Star Lotulelei at #1, I WILL ****ing be livid. I will be livid if we trade for Alex Smith, Kirk Cousins, or Matt Flynn and DON'T draft one of the top QB prospects in the draft. I will be livid if they equate what is claimed by some to be a bad QB class with a class that involves not drafting a single ****ing QB at all.

Just because Reid and Dorsey aren't Scott ***** doesn't mean they shouldn't be shit****ed if they trade for their version of Cassel and draft their version of Tyson Jackson. And I would hope that after all we've been through with that shitshow, people would be way smarter about that kind of thing.
This. Great post.
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