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Good article on Nassib.

Like McCarthy, Nassib gets Hackett crash course
By Tyler Dunne of the Journal Sentinel Jan. 22, 2013
Mobile, Ala. --- Ryan Nassib is in good company this off-season. Just ask Mike McCarthy.

In preparation for Senior Bowl week -- and eventually the NFL draft --- the Syracuse quarterback has been training with Paul Hackett. That's the same Paul Hackett who served as a mentor of sorts to the Packers' head coach at the University of Pittsburgh and then the Kansas City Chiefs. McCarthy was drawn to Hackett's extreme attention to detail, the unique way he broke down the quarterback position.

At Syracuse, Nassib played underneath Hackett's son, Nathaniel. And now, still at Syracuse, he's working with Paul to help differentiate himself amongst a quarterback class very much up for grabs. When Nassib told Nathaniel -- his offensive coordinator at Syracuse -- that he was training with Paul, son had a puzzled reaction.

He said, You sure? I dont know if you know what youre getting yourself into. Hes got nothing else to do,'" Nassib said.

Paul Hackett, who last coached with the Oakland Raiders in 2010, spends time with Nassib a week at a time. The two meet in the morning from 8 to 11:30 a.m. to watch film and dissect plays. Nassib lifts weights, runs and then it's off to the field.

"He loses track of time sometimes," Nassib joked. "But were out there for a bit."

Nassib said he has a playbook "about that big," outstretching his index finger and thumb. Yes, he has seen film of Joe Montana, the same dropbacks and throws that once captivated McCarthy in person when he was with Hackett in Kansas City. Nassib said Montana was even in "those old gray shorts." After developing as a quarterback under Nathaniel, Nassib is now seeing the root of all those concepts.

Pauls a riot. I mean he knows so much stuff that a lot of it, you really need to take a second and go, What the heck did he just say?" Nassib said. "Hes a great coach. Hes teaching me a lot.

One thing hes been coaching me up on the most is making adjustments on the fly. I mean, three years with Nate Hackett and we have our way of doing things. But when (Paul and I) go to work out, hell say, I want you to throw this route using this footwork instead. Stuff like that. That work has translated to here. Some plays were running with the Raiders now are some plays we ran but we ran them differently.

Three years with Hackett's son may be one of the biggest reasons Nassib is in Mobile, too. In college, Nassib often spent time with the offensive coordinator and Doug Marrone when the two coaches put the game plan together. He passed for 3,749 yards, 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions this past season.

Whether all this Hackett exposure has a McCarthy-like effect on Nassib remains to be seen. He has worked his way into the discussion of this year's top quarterback prospect, though admits he'll need to work on his deep ball to impress scouts.

At Syracuse, Nassib ran a version of the New Orleans Saints offense, where Marrone once served as offensive coordinator. Through his three years as the Orange's starter, Nassib said he watched a lot of film of Drew Brees, trying to emulate his game. He admits he's "nowhere near" Brees, but believes they do have similar games.

I feel that I have a great feel for the West Coast offense, a pro-style offense," Nassib said. "I feel that Im pretty dangerous in that system."

He wouldn't mind sticking around Upstate New York, either. The younger Hackett followed Marrone to the Buffalo where he's now the Bills' offensive coordinator.

"Would it be great to go play for Coach Hackett? Absolutely," Nassib said. "Just because I love the guy so much and hes such a phenomenal coach. ...I want to put my stuff on the field and attract some other teams but if Buffalo falls into the mix, its a plus.
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