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You will see a lot more fumbles as players stretch with the ball to get a first down. At the goal line this isn't as much of an issue since it is a TD once the ball breaks the plane. I think it would hurt the quality of the game.
I also like the fact that, right now, it takes a pretty savvy and alert player to know right where the sticks are at the center of the field and make the dive to reach the first down.

With this, there's just a bright ass green line that even a half-with like Snoop Minnis would be able to pick up.

I hate everything added to the game that detracts from any skill. It's why I don't like automated strike zones in baseball (pitching to an umpires zone is a skill). Knowing exactly where the sticks are and when/how you'll need to reach them without a bright green line running through the center of the field is a skill and I don't want to see that marginalized.
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