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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
I have 3 guitars she could use but they're all standard, right-hand configurations and she's left-handed.

My wife thinks I should teach her to play right-handed. Since she's never played before, it won't be like she'd have to unlearn anything.

However, I'm concerned that I could be potentially limiting her later on because she might not ever fully develop the dexterity she might have otherwise developed if I had just gotten her a left-handed guitar to start with.
Been-there, done that...

My 13 yr old daughter has become quite the musician; instumentally and vocally, as a lefty. In-part it is because of who she is, and in-part because of learning in a right-handed world as a left-handed musically inclined "tweener"...I'm proud, and she "rocks."

Just my experience...
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