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Yes, there were assets on hand that could have assisted and quite possibly have ended the conflict without losing the ambassador.
Why weren’t they sent in? Election year and every politician that knew what was going on feared another Black Hawk Down. Really though, how do they know for sure they wouldn’t have been sending those assets into an ambush? They didn’t and it’s a real possibility when you consider the embassy was under sustained, coordinated fire. That’s why it was obvious from the first shot fired that this wasn’t just some unruly mob turned violent, this was a planned attack.
The investigation found that the military didn't have assets close enough by to respond in a timely matter. But the CIA did and after Hillary testified yesterday that has become a little bit clearer.

During the Senate committee hearing, Clinton confirmed the CIA’s presence in Benghazi when she recounted the actions she took on Sept. 11th and 12th. Clinton revealed that then-CIA Director David Petraeus was among the first people she contacted shortly after receiving news about the attack against the U.S. consulate compound.

“I spoke with former CIA Director Petraeus to confer and coordinate, given the presence of his facility, which of course was not well-known but was something that we knew and wanted to make sure we were closely latched up together,” said Clinton.

Clinton’s remarks during the House committee hearing also confirmed the shared security arrangements between the CIA-run Annex and the Benghazi consulate. Prior news reports have indicated that the CIA would provide additional security for the consulate and suggested that arrangement was ostensibly one of the reasons why the State Department decided not to grant the consulate’s request for more security.

“The number of diplomatic security personnel requested in the cables was 5. There were 5 there that night with [Ambassador Chris Stevens], plus there was a mutual understanding with the Annex that had a much more heavily armed presence because of the work that they were doing in the region,” said Clinton.
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