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Former head of the Florida Republican party Jim Greer.
Greer has been accused of criminal acts. Crist is a an ex-GOPer with an axe to grind and was really a progressive wearing GOP clothing.
Crist is a pos, imo. Much worse than Scott. That's who you have a sources. LOL!

I guess you are one of the 23% who support him. From Tampa Times poll
So you vote according to herd mentality? Sheep vote that way.
Scott balanced the budget. I like that. Some other things I didn't like.Like cutting BF's. However, Lotto sales were down. But really, the choices were not all that great either. And Scott inherited a huge mess....just like Obama which people like you use as an excuse. No one is happy when there isn't enough money coming in to go around. T'is to be expected.
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