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Originally Posted by mdchiefsfan View Post
So if I were to smuggle in some whiskey and ordered some soda with the 24 hour room service I would have to pay for a coke? Or if your out at the bar and choosing not to drink so you have a soda, then you're charged? I just want that clarified.

Any other hidden fees I should be aware of? I am seeing something about tipping. I guess that isn't included if you want to have room service or what not.
Correct, soda is not included. Why people want to drink that garbage is a different discussion, but you can purchase a pass/card/sticker/whatever that gives you unlimited soda for the length of your cruise.

Tips for bar drinks, pool drinks, etc. are already built into the cost of the beverage (Carnival adds 15%).

Tips for your cabin steward, waiter, assistant waiter, etc. are charged to you at a per-day rate (something like $11.50 per person per day). If you want to give additional tip you can.
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