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That is odd that you say that, because I have had no issues running my 6970 the last two years. Not only have I had no issues, but there hasn't been a game yet that I couldn't max out on that card, at least one that I haven't tried. I also like the AMD cards for the Eyefinity, which is awesome with my 3 monitors. That is why I stayed AMD and went with the 7970. If you notice though, that is GHZ version of the XFX card, top of the line.

I like nVidia, always have, so definitely not slamming their cards.

And I don't know what Metro 2003 is, I will have to look that up, but I will for sure give Witcher 2 a go, the first game was a lot of fun.
You didn't notice that AMD had to push updates to Catalyst out every week for quite some time last year?
Metro 2033 is fantastic. I know I talked a few people on here into buying it when it was on the Indie Humble Bundle.
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