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I don't think it's OK and I wouldn't take one until the second half of the first if it were up to me. Preferably in the 20's...

Probably where we differ is inour view of the talent level of the roster. I don't see as much talent as most do. I feel we are picking #1 for a reason and it's because there is a whole lot of suck. I understand we have a bunch of pro bowlers but there are some serious gaps and we will be losing some pretty experienced free agents.

Our #1 need is talent and leadership imo.

Our #2 need is a QB.

Ideally, we'd like to get both together but, imo that won't happen at number one.

But you're more likely to get that drafting lower when it is exceptionally probable that 2 or more of the QB prospects you covet are gone?

JFC. You have to be the dumbest mother****er to ever figure out how to use a computer.
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