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We'll see how this goes. I think we'll sign our FA's and I don't believe Reid will waste a pick on a 2nd QB this year. I think he'll sign someone like Kafka or Hasselback. Some veteran to give our 1st overall QB some guidance.

1. Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas- It's basically Wilson or Geno here. I don't care. As long as it's not the LT or DL. I prefer Wilson obviously because I'm a biased sonofabitch.

2. Logan Ryan CB Rutgers-My favorite CB in the draft. He didn't have the pass rush that Xavier Rhodes did and he was constantly thrown at. He's a better more aggressive version of Devin McCourty. His coverage skills are well above average and he loves to tackle in the open field and take down RB's. Kinda reminds me of Brandon Flowers in that regard. Great kid who is an extremely hard worker. Ranked in the top 40 on scouts inc.'s big board.

3. Kevin Reddick ILB North Carolina- Fast, really strong and has been impressive all week. Great leader. He seems to be a promising LB to pair next to DJ.

3.(Comp pick for Carr) Brandon Williams DE Missouri Southern State- I didn't know anything about this guy before this week but he was extremely impressive from what I've read and heard. Apparently he has a ton of strength in his legs and drove OL such as Ricky Wagner and Justin Pugh into the backfield all practice. He also has a huge motor which is what everyone loves in a DL. I am a fan. I think he'll be here too because of him being from a small school.

4. DJ Swearinger S South Carolina- SC was a team that was on TV a lot this year, so I saw them play quite a bit. I always saw Swearinger in the mix. He brings a nasty swagger that I think our defense could use. He's a big hitter but yet he also has really good coverage skills, at least from what I saw. I like him a lot more than Phillip Thomas or Robert Lester (who looks terrible this week at the Senior Bowl).

5. Nick Kasa Colorado- He looks just as good as any TE in Mobile, but I like what I saw in the pieces from NFL Network when they showed him, plus he seemed to be a good product on a horrible team last year. He was easily the best TE at the weigh in and seems to have potential.

6. Xavier Nixon OT Florida-I don't know where this guy is going to go in the draft honestly. He might even be gone before this and I'm being selfish. I do think Reid wants to get bigger on the OL as seen by the guys he's looked at so far. If he wants to replace Winston I won't object.

7. Josh Boyce WR TCU- Just put him here because he's a player I think would be a late steal. He might go in the 5th if his stock shoots up. He's not ranked very high right now though. He's been solid at TCU and at the least he'll be a good ST's player.

Bash away, guys.

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