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You wont go wrong with a Bichon. Exact same situation i had 11 years ago. Always had Labs and Shepherds. Wife says she wants a lap dog. I raised hell. Then one day she up and left early from work with her mom and drove a couple hours away and got one. Calls me and breaks the news on the way home with the dog. I was pissed. Had him 11 years. And i swear to god i have never laughed as much in my life as i have with that dog. He had more energy and personality than any 3 dogs put together.

I had to put him down last week. Got sick all of the sudden and the vet went to give him fluids and put a catheter on and his heart stopped. Vet revived him and called me. I told them to let him go. Broke my heart. Get a male and ask for the runt of the litter.
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