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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
Hey, I see those fingers pointed at me.

And I fully accept the blame.

I'm just honestly sick of it. Every goddamn thing he posts is some kind of passive-aggressive jab. The "inert" statements are ever truly inert. They're always a backhanded jab at somebody.

Anyway, here's the real rub - once he's gone, the "ruined" threads will disappear. I wonder why that would be?
I wasn't pointing any fingers at anybody in particular. I try to gloss over those disruptions. But I know he's being egged on by regulars. If our members were half as forgiving as our mods, nobody would try to "out" anybody who comes back. They'd just hope for an adjustment. It seems like the moment somebody who has come back gets outed, things go to hell pretty quickly for them.
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