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Originally Posted by KC_Connection View Post
He had one of the greatest postseason performances the sport has ever seen. This is shown in just about every statistic and measuring stick there is. But other than that, yeah, he did nothing at all for his team.
JFC. I never said he wasn't anything short of phenomenal in the playoff run. Stop with the bullshit putting words in my mouth that I've said he's done "nothing at all for his team." But really? Greatest postseason performances the sport has ever seen? If we're talking about the NFL, Big Ben, Eli, Brady, Montana, Elway have had some of the most dominating performances even if statistically underwhelming because they had ice-in-their-veins 2 minute drills. He is basically the NBA's Peyton Manning. He barreled through very underwhelming competition and beat a finals opponent that was woefully immature and unprepared. In that, LeBron's 2012 postseason was a dominant performance that was mediocre in the closing minutes of games. So I don't understand your standard.

You didn't present any such thing. Ignoring all of the evidence provided of LeBron playing well in close and late situations over his entire career in the regular season which quite clearly disproves your bullshit theory to begin with (,,,, you selectively picked out a few playoff games last season where he missed a few shots late. That doesn't prove he's a choker or lacks a killer instinct, nor does it supersede the dominant basketball that he played for his entire playoff run.
We are talking about an elite player here and where he belongs in the conversation comparing him to Kobe and MJ. If you were wondering... MJ is 9/18 (50%) on game winning/tying shots in the 4th quarter of the playoffs. LeBron is 5/15 (33%). Kobe is 8/29 (28%). Here's the story. LeBron doesn't come close to touching MJ here. If we're talking about Kobe vs. LeBron, answer one question... in the playoffs, who is the closer? In Miami, it's Wade. In LA, without question it's Kobe. The Heat attempted 7 game-winning/game-tying shots in the 2012 playoffs. LeBron took only 2 and one of them wasn't even the final shot in regulation (Haslem of all people took the game-winning shot). Two years ago, LeBron didn't take a SINGLE game-tying shot. Wade was the closer.

You were the one that is grandstanding about what a dominant playoff run LeBron has had. How can you rate a performance as legendary if he wasn't even taking shots with the game on the line? That is very unusual.

They were won by LeBron being LeBron for the full four quarters of every game that the Heat played. He came through repeatedly when the Heat were on the verge of elimination on the road. Without him and his ridiculous play, Miami doesn't come close to a championship or even the NBA Finals. But he's a choker because he didn't take or make enough shots late in games to your liking? Because he was willing to pass the ball at times to his Hall of Fame teammates to allow them to use their skills as well to win a championship? It's absurd. Do you have any idea how butthurt all of this makes you look?
Only you would celebrate LeBron's passing ability with the game on the line. What does that make you, then?
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