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And in the NFL, your window is always closing faster than you think.

If Scott ***** would've brought Alex Smith or Matt Schaub in 4 years ago, I think it would've been a very smart move. He could've worked on getting the team moving in the right direction with a competent, qualified signal caller. The offense could've built some cohesion and the core of young players we have could've matured into their primes....sometime around 2012. In the interim, he could've looked at Russell Wilson or even Kaepernick to take over when the team outruns the talent of Smith/Schaub.

Now, however, we have way too many of our best players right smack in the middle of their primes. This is a pretty awful time to be setting your ceiling at the Texans.

They need to take a HR swing here or risk losing out on the primes of some of the (no shit) best players to ever play their positions for this franchise.

I'd have loved to be able to step up to greatness because that's usually what it takes for young teams. My favorite line is one I stole from a hockey analogy - they have knock on the door before they can kick it in. That said, ***** cost us that luxury by shitting himself for 4 years. We have to skip the stop-gap and go the high-risk, high-reward route.
Yep, everything here is dead on.

Its time for a dinger swing.
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