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Originally Posted by tooge View Post
Here's the thing with Alex Smith. He was drafted under incompetent defensive head coaches. He finally gets an offensive coach that is good with QB's, and he shines. I think the same would continue with Reid. He took his team to the NFC title last year and was on his way to taking them to the Super Bowl this year.

I know, I know, it's the D that carries the niners, but at least he's capable of being an effective QB in the NFL.

Having said all that, I still would rather the chiefs take Geno number one, and then take another QB in the third or fourth round. I just don't think they are going to. I think the Chiefs will take either Luke Joekel or Latuoi if they can't trade out of the first pick, but, of course, that will be determined by what happens in free agency.

I could see the Chiefs going after Alex Smith or Flynn (my opinion, not my choice), and then using the first pick on another position. and still taking a qb later in the second or third. It really all depends on what they think of Geno Smith vs. available free agents.
Flynn is going to cost draft picks, no?
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