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We are still doing 16 owners. No spliting them up, its a pain in the ass enough to get 16 people on the same page. Besides we always have anywhere from 2 to 4 drop out each year. Stay in the bullpen and stay active and you will probably get a slot somewhere.

Another rule I made last year and its coming back - you pick a team that is in the first 16 picks in the draft, your second team is in the bottom 16. This keeps you involved in the draft all the time.

For the date I am debating between March 18 or March 25 to start this thing. Reasoning is free agency starts March 12, so needs are more in stone and so is the draft board. Also this thing normally goes pretty fast unless someone takes their sweet ass time to be an attention whore aka Direckshun.

The rest of the rules still in play.
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