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Originally Posted by Ebolapox View Post
which post number?
This was his "goodbye" post. Then he rattled off another couple dozen afterward.

Originally Posted by Rambozo View Post
It's a rare opportunity to have the chance to make a final statement and I plan to make the best of it. It's an interesting experience and I hope you all get to do it one day. I think you would enjoy it. I've thought about this for a while and I've decided not to lash out at certain individuals but, instead make a few general statements and then post my predictions for the 2013 Chiefs offseason and regualr season. In the spirit of BlackBob, I figure those will be the best way for me to leave something to remember me by. I'm sure some will never speak of them but, I know they will remember them. Last, I won't be back. No more shenanigans. No more Tom Foolery. This is it and I will stand by word as I always have.

First, I'd like to say so long to some very old friends. You know who you are. I won't post your names for fear of exploitation. However, you are good people and I hope to see you around in the Chiefs kingdom.

Second, I'd like to thank the mods for their patience. I commend you guys for giving me so many chances, stating that I didn't break the rules, and sticking up for me at times. I stand by my comments surrounding the gif that suggested child pornography that was posted several months ago and warn that it is a liability. In the future, you should consider not condoning things like that. I understand that it's time for me to go and there are no hard feelings there. Be careful in using your best judgement and always consider freedom of speech and the use of words when you make tough decisions at CP. Creative thinking is severely lacking here and as a result, every day is exactly the same. It's the same old cycle over and over when anyone new steps up and truly gives their opinion. I can promise you there are multiple people who look here everyday and do not post their true thoughts for fear of oppression.

Third, to those that voted for me, I appreciate you and am thankful for your votes. I was genuinly suprised at the large number of votes I received. I respect those that voted for me only out of priciple as you essentially voted for the freedom of speech.

Fourth, to all members of this site, I want to take a minute and describe what is happening here. It's a term I like to call "Subliminal Facism." It's no different that today's modern media in America. What some do here is latch onto an idea and gain tunnel vison. It is repeated over and over to the point at which your brain subconciously sees it to be the only way. It is a mob like mentality that is started by people you will probably never meet. Think about it. This place prides itself on being a community but is it? Look at the people who lash out and name call. Look at the lack of respect these people use towards anyone that is new or opposes their opinions. Have you ever met them at your tailgates or picnics? Are they essentially controlling this website? Please consider what I am saying. You are slowly losing something special here.

Fifth, to the members of the "mob." Thank you for your inpsiration and motivation. You drove me to return to this site multiple times. If it weren't for you, I would have quit. I was lucky when I stumbled upon your social group. I believe it was fate. I knew it existed and I knew your intent. When I exposed you for what you were, I felt instant vindication and victory. You can never take that from me. Many of your comments were immoral and evil. I am a man that believes in karma. I would only ask that the next time something really bad happens to you, that you think of you how treated me and others here. Your fear tactics, bullying, and opression of those that cannot defend themselves shows your weakness. You wouldn't act that way face to face and I have no doubt that in time you will get what you deserve. You are consumed by an non material object called rep that cannot substitute true friendship.

Sixth, noobs, hang in there. Willpower and defiance are everything here. Consider rep to be meaningless. Ignore those that target you in numbers. When you are accused of being BlackBob, take it as a compliment and move forward. Support your fellow noobs and give them rep every day but, never be consumed by it. Throughout my time on message boards, the best posters I have ever come across were always in the red and that is the truth. They stood by their opinions through hell or highwater.

Last, I'm going to give ten predictions for the 2013 Chiefs Offseason and Regular Season. It seems that multiple times I was accused of trolling when I was genuinely giving my take. This gives me an opprotunity to clearly state my predictions and opinions one last time without fear of retribution. Throughout 2013, I encourage you to take a minute and remember what I say here.

1. KC won't draft Geno Smith. Even if he falls. He's the most overrated draft pick I can remember. Andy Reid is too smart to draft him or want to try and coach him up. He's a big project and a project that will fail. We won't even take him if he drops.

2. If, and I mean IF, KC takes a QB, it will be Tyler Wilson or Matt Barkley. They are the only QBs who look like they can play at the next level. If we take one of them, we will move back into the first round or take one of them in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

3. Matt Cassel isn't going anywhere. He will play out his contract and might even start on the off chance we don't sign a veteran QB.

4. I think we will sign and start a veteran QB. It will either be Jason Campbell or Alex Smith.The vet will start Even if we draft a rookie QB.

5. Ricky Stanzi, Allen Bailey, and possibly even Powe aren't going to make the final roster in 2013. People here really overrate these guys.

6. Eric Berry will never move to FS in a full time role. Don't listen to the idiots who say this. Hearing this theory is one of my biggest gripes. It's the worst argument on this site. The guy is a SS and no one in their right mind is going to move him. He might rotate with the TE sometimes but, he is the best run stopping safety in the NFL and he has made two Pro Bowls in 33 games because of it.

7. One of the following guys is getting traded: Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, Brandon Albert, or Derrick Johnson. Reid likes to trade players. Charles can't catch and that is one of the focal points of Reid's offense. Reid really wanted McCluster in the draft. Look for him to be more productive than ever in Reid's offense. He will be one of the top two players in receptions in 2013. Tamba is pushing 30 and Jarvis Jones is a real possibility. Albert could be franchised and traded if they like Joeckel. Derrick Johnson is getting old and his value is at it's highest. I think we are going to make a trade to move back into the first round to get a QB and I think they will use a player. Reid and Bellicheck trade more players than anyone. We could use draft picks to move back into the first but, I really think it will be a player.

8. We will sign three receivers and start two new receivers in 2013. Neither one of the starters is on the roster yet. We will sign Josh Cribbs if the Browns don't resign him. We didn't bring in the Bears special teams coordinator for nothing.

9. Dwayne bumbling butterfingers buck-toothed Bowe will finally be gone. We won't even offer him a contract. He's the most overrated player in the NFL and Reid isn't going to want him. Adios Dwayne Bowe! Know that I will be lighting a cigar and cracking a beer on my front porch when he gets the boot.

10. We will take Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M, Star Lotulelei, DT Utah, or Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia with the first pick in the draft. Or, we will trade back. We will not take a QB number one overall. If we trade back a few spots, we could take Dee Milner, CB, Alabama. We will take Joeckel if Albert is franchised and we might even take him if he is resigned. Albert won't care if he is a guard or tackle if he gets paid. Star Lotulelei is my second choice as I know Reid loves to take d-linemen. The probability that we will take a linemen (from either side of the ball) is extremely high. Jones is another possibility if Dorsey thinks he can trade Tamba to get back into the first and take a QB. All of this crap about Jones injuries is exactly that. It's 100% bullshit and he isn't going to drop. When Dorsey says they will take the best player available that's what he means. It has very little to do with need and those are the three best prospects in the draft right now and they will be in April.

Well, it's time for me to go now. Like me, every good Anti-Hero burns out rather than fading away.


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I would read an entire blog of SNR breaking down athletes' musical capabilities like draft scouting reports.
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