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Originally Posted by DJ's left nut View Post
I'm going to be pissed if he doesn't.

He can't just sit back and dodge every attempt he has to prove that he's worth that draft pick.

I would honestly start to question his confidence and leadership ability if he doesn't throw at the combine. A great leader needs to have that swagger and confidence that he's the biggest chocolately peen on the block and if Smith isn't willing to prove that, you have another flag popping up, IMO.

I don't like that he didn't play at the SR bowl, but I understand it (too many things can determine whether or not you do well to really be a fair measure). However, if he also refuses to throw at the combine, when it's just him and God controlling shit, then he's pretty much proving himself a bit of a coward at that point.
There have been a lot of QB's not throw at Indy and wait until their schools Pro Day.

And while I agreee with you, I am not going to be shocked if he waits, nor will I hold it against him. But I will be disappointed.
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