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Originally Posted by Peyton's Princess View Post
the filter evasion thing is one of the biggest sham's of all time on this site.

it only gets moderated 10% of the time and in order for it to get moderated it has to be someone that isn't very well "liked", for lack of a better word

but as a person who doesn't filter evade, I don't give a flying ****!
That's not even remotely true. I've cracked the whip on two guys who have been here since Aug 2000 and are well-liked in the past couple weeks for getting loose with filter evasion. I fix every one I notice whether inner-circle or not. The irony is that I don't even care. While I'd rather not hang out frequently with a potty-mouth, profanity dosn't bother me. But it does bother some people and we have systems in place to keep this place mostly profanity-free.
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