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Originally Posted by Amnorix View Post
JFC that's amazing.

I think Rex Ryan is a pretty good football coach, but otherwise, that entire team is a complete disaster. Tannenbaum has really run them into the ground talent-wise, and now they're looking like idiots for chasing guys that were obvious busts. They would honest-to-god be better redesigning the entire offense around Tebow while trying to figure out the long term fix at QB than doing this.
Hes a good defensive coach. hes an awful Head coach, he said he saw a lot of positives after every awful Sanchez performance, and the Jets are a ****ing joke and an embarrassment. this is why Belichick left in 2000. Kraft got it after he went from Parcells to Pete Caroll. and now he bows his head to mumbles.

Woody Johnson doesnt get it, and I dont think he ever will. hes an incompetent owner only interested in headlines and the bottom line, not winning and a super bowl. if it wasnt for the headlines he would just be another rich guy. and hes dying to be like Steinbrenner.

The idiots are making the new GM keep Rex. this is how not to have your organization run.

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Welcome to being the only person on my Ignore list.

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