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Took me awhile to get caught up in here, and I have to say this is one of the best thread discussions I've seen on CP for a long long time, so thanks to all for excellent point/counterpoints w/out degrading to stupidity, which too often dominates this place.

I won't claim to be well studied on draft prospects, just don't watch college fb like i used to anymore. I have seen quite a bit of film clips of Geno, good and some not real good. Many of you are far more informed than I am, so I appreciate the discussion and information!!

Seems to me we need to stop analyzing Geno, or any other QB, in a vacuum or vs each other even, and definitely not vs. Luck/RG3, or Brady/Manning, and definitely not Cassel. Please let Cassel go, it's over. We need to focus on the system to be built by Reid/Dorsey and Co., and who will plug and grow the best. Cause this is precisely how they see it.

I've heard lots of things about how Reid values a strong OLine, but frankly I just don't think this is true. His OLines have always had issues, which is a big reason why McNabb was always on the run improvising outside the pocket. Our new system QB must be extremely proficient in the scripted, quick read, short passing game, with mobility to create and improvise. And, be able to stretch the field, even if the success rate is very low. Reid will call the fly pattern as #1 read, with the very specific intent to keep the defense honest.

Can Geno do those things and be highly successful? I definitely think so. More so than any other imo. He skipped the Sr Bowl and gained ground on all the other QBs. That alone eliminates any other QB from #1 pick consideration. Can Geno fix his mechanical oddities? That's what coaching can do, or at least what coaching is supposed to do. For the 1st time possibly ever, we have a staff which makes absolute premium impetis in developing a franchise QB. And even more so, to always have another project QB understudy in addition to the franchise QB.

I'm on the Geno #1 bandwagon, have been for awhile. I don't need him to throw at the combine, and I seriously doubt he will. He and his team do not care what we think, or how much we want him to prove it. I'm betting he can prove all he needs to at his pro day, and he will be the #1 pick.

Then CP can start the bickering meltdowns once more.

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