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Originally Posted by KCrockaholic View Post
Dude his dad was bangin your mom. He wins.
Not anymore. It's been 3 years since me or my mom have seen/talked to him or Jordan. One of the major reasons they brokeup was because of this kid.

My mom got re-married last weekend to a pretty kickass dude! Very happy for her...she deserves it.

This dude was a male cheerleader....and after he grad HS, he would go back and still help the Cheerleaders all because he wanted to be around the girls. (Red flag!!!! Creepy-ass mf'r). The coaches told him to leave the school and never to come back or they'd call the cops.

This kids never been w/ a girl, has no friends, he's been to about 6 different schools (not because of a moving residence issue, he's always lived in the same place its because he could never get along w/ anyone)...he has a head shrink, he's just a really REALLY weird creepy kid.

This kid has a mind of a 12yr old.....also has a huge Xmas lights fetish it's really silly. He was on the CH.9news because of it. He tells everyone the proceeds would go to Harvesters (sounds like a good cause right?) But he had every intention of keeping every dime of that.....luckily no one stopped by to donate