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To be mid-tier, you need to have better core players than that. Brooklyn has Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, and Joe Johnson, Indiana has Danny Granger, David West, and Paul George, and Atlanta has Al Horford and Josh Smith. The Raptors have....Kyle Lowry. What else is there? An inefficient shot jacker in Rudy Gay? A player who can't score efficiently, pass, or defend in DeRozan? A backup PF in Amir Johnson that can't stay on the floor?

For the Raptors to be any good at all, you're basically banking on two complete unknowns (Ross and Jonas) becoming good for this team to become any good. It's just not a good bet at all. The Raptors didn't have the current talent/asset base for such a trade to make any sense for them.

And BTW, I'll believe Colangelo trades Bargnani away when he actually does it. Who the hell would want him?

Scott ***** of the NBA (they both screwed their franchises up by their devotion to shitty players; Cassel and Bargnani), but given three years longer to play with his toy.
To be fair, Hawks won't have Josh Smith most likely next season. So, East is Heat/Bulls/Pacers/Nets probably next season. Maybe the Knicks, and the Celts probably fall by the wayside. So yeah, Raptors probably mid tier in the East. Not mid-tier playoff team, but mid-tier in the entire conference. Believe me, I'm not defending Colangelo. He's royally screwed things up. But I do think Toronto fights for a playoff spot next season, with an swift first round exit and still not hope to move up in the pecking order.
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