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FMB kinds spoke to that. Yes, it can. However, it's been my experience that it really doesn't at 225. That's a pretty low heat and more than anything, it just kinda liquifies.

As to the time - boy I don't have much to offer there and whatever I did would be wrong. I say don't ever expect anything to cook in less than 8 hours. I don't leave a probe in (I leave that on the grate to check the heat in the chamber), but every couple of hours I'll just hit it with the instant read to get a feel for where it is.
I was just about to say the best thing you can buy if you're going to get into BBQ is a wireless probe thermometer... Goes to show you how different people can do this kind of food and still come out with outstanding results.

I use a probe. You lose a ton of heat every time you open the grill. I think I read somewhere you need to add 30 minutes to your cook time every time you open that lid. So I try to do it as little as possible.
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