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Originally Posted by KC_Connection View Post
Been saying it all along. If KU kept being lazy and complacent, they were going to eventually lose a game to an inferior opponent. Unfortunate that it had to happen at home, but they were fortunate enough that it didn't happen against Temple and ISU last month and against just plain bad teams in Texas and West Virginia on the road. Marcus Smart and OSU were ready to play today and KU wasn't. It's as simple as that. Hope this gives them the jolt they need to actually give a damn going forward in conference season.
I don't really think they're being lazy, I just think they're making a lot of dumb plays. Turnovers are becoming a big problem. We've played 8 conference games and have turned the ball over more than our opponent in 6 of the 8. That's pretty bad. It's seemingly every game that we're losing the turnover battle.
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