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I applauded because it *is* driving up the cost of college education. Just because you can get a degree from a combination of community college and directional state for the same amount of money that an ivy league degree used to cost doesn't mean costs aren't going up rapidly.

So I guess I don't understand the relevance of your statement. The goal, btw, is to get the same (or better) quality degree (from the same school with the same amount of teacher/student interaction) you could have gotten 30 years ago for about the same amount of money plus a reasonable level of inflation. It can't be done.
I can get a degree from KU now for $8790/year. In contrast at harvard in 1983 tuition was $8200 a year.

Furthermore, you start to see the jump in tuition coming (at least in the case of harvard) well before us being in the student loan business.
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