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Originally Posted by the Talking Can View Post, please...

he's the latest in a list of a 100 butt hurt douches to enter a thread of their own free will while pretending to be a martyr, and making the false, and stupid, claim that no critiques Smith...

jesus, we had a 300 post thread not 5 days ago which broke Smith and other QBs down in detail...nary a word of complaint....and douche twitter had nothing to say about it

for **** sake Smith critiqued himself in an interview and it was discussed in multiple threads with not single complaint

Smith has been critiqued in this thread repeatedly...but it's hidden underneath the 5000 troll posts...

the whole premise of the complaint is just sad...douche twitter is sad

I guess I could troll the Wilson thread and complain about being a martyr and cry through my anus because people are -gasp- discussing a QB...but why? what would make someone that kind of pathetic asshole?
Ok. I got you lmao
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