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Originally Posted by Thatguy View Post
I used to work for a chain restaurant from 2000-2004 . We would always get large groups of younger kids right before close who either didn't tip , or tipped shitty. One night , A 19 top church group came in , 10 minutes before close (mortal sin in that industry lol ) they apologized for coming late. They end up staying for an hour past close, order a crap load of drinks (non alcoholic) and food. When the time comes to pay the bill two people pay for everyone-one in cash , and one on a card...leaving a 59cent tip! Needless to say the server was pissed, she ran outside, caught the group as they were loading up and told them off, as she handed back her "tip" was epic lol. The group leader was so ashamed he came in the next day and left $50 for her...the moral of the story is tip your ****ing servers. They get paid shit, and they work twice as hard as you probably do. They have to endure insults, unwanted harassment, and assholes who take their crappy day out on them. If you don't believe in tipping, then hit a drive through up or learn how to cook.
The only thing that doesn't surprise me about this story is that it was a church group.
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