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Originally Posted by BigRedChief View Post
In general using public information and standard cyber security practices.

You are using a known state sponsored IP range to perform the attack. People are going to know who it was. First question? Why do you want other countries to know you did this?

Twitter supposedly has state of the art security due to a hack a couple of years ago. It's been touted in cyber security seminars.

If you wanted to let your enemies know of your capabilities to deter them from harming you. You need to publically show them those capabilities. A don't **** with us statement. But, you didn't really harm your enemy.

By choosing a non military or essential part of the infrastruture a statement can be made without also a tremendous retribution from the cyber arm of the military in the territory that you invaded.

This is subtle genius. As opposed to the stupid ass lumbering hacks on the banks from Iran.
Maybe. I appreciate the answer.

Originally Posted by ChiliConCarnage View Post

If it was indeed China then it's probably so they could spy on their own people. China blocked twitter years ago. China has popular micro-blogging services like Sina Weibo. If you're circumventing their firewall in order to communicate over twitter they surely want to know why.

There's really only two reasons to do that. The largest percentage are going to be tech savvy people who just want to follow or interact with foreigners. Maybe you're a big soccer fan and want to follow Lionel Messi, etc.

The others are purposefully looking to communicate without the government being able to monitor them. Political dissidents, people trading in state secrets, tibetan supporters
I suspect that your answer is closer to the fact of the matter, and I have no problem with China spying on its own dissidents.
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