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Originally Posted by Peyton's Princess View Post
I'm going to preface this by saying I think the idea the NFL is scripted by any means is ridiculous. I will say, that Chargers/Steelers game...yeah.

The public was HEAVY on Pittsburgh.

The Steelers that game? 13 penalties.

The Chargers? 1.

Then...when the biggest fluke TD happened to end the game giving the public a HUGE win...they inexplicably review the play, reverse the TD for no reason, and then after the unbelievable reversing, they say later on that "yeah, we got it was a TD."

uhm, what?

Those two things make me think we had some dirty officials in that game.

So just to be straight, the idea that the fix is in is ridiculous unless we are talking about that one time, or the handful of other ones that we actually know about.

Again, I am playing devil's advocate here. But, it's kind of like saying that someone defying the law of gravity is impossible....except for that one time.
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