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And for something completely different...

I was at a bar last night and all of a sudden I'm like....HOLD ON! SHHHHHH!
everybody at the table is like WTF?
I'm listening intently for a bit and then....yup, that's what I thought.....
Lionel Richie and Willie Nelson duet of the Commodores Easy!

cracked me up. how the hell does that even make sense? two dudes singing this together is already mad messed up...but Lionel and Willie!?

holy crap it's on youtube......
"sing it for me buddy"......bwahahahaha

OK, this sounded bad enough in the bar under the hub bub of chatter. I just finished listening to it and.....I apologize for posting this huge steamy chud.
good grief this is just terrible. may be good for a chuckle though....

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