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That pissed me the **** off. Not that I care so much about MU/OSU, but the fact that uncle****ing Aaron "hacksalot" Craft got the **** away with bashing someone in the face, while Releford barely touched a dudes face that had crawled up on him got the flagrant. If Releford's is even in discussion for a flagrant, Crafts should be automatic.

And why the hell did the Michigan guards throw a move on Craft up by the half court line and go around him? He isn't fast enough to recover. Nope they just stood there and let Craft body them up and hack. Craft wasn't fast enough to hang with any of those guys and they just dribbled around and let Craft come to them.

**** the lovefest Craft gets from the media. I will say the kid hustles and makes a lot of plays, but the media are all over him like he's a real player. Call 1/10 of the hacks and the body up top and the kid has nothing.
lets not forget that Craft shot and made a 3 pointer after the shot clock went to zero. they come on the court after timeout with 1 second on the shot clock...and nobody looks at that shot. awesome. and Burke was called for a foul on a missed Thomas jump shot and Burke LITERALLY DID NOT TOUCH HIM! Thomas makes both free throws. that's 5 free points. pointed out....Craft somehow someway gets away with an obvious flagrant.
so....was Craft fouled at the end of OT? who gives a shit...what goes around comes around.

Burke has been Crafts bitch for four games now. WAKE UP BURKE!

Michigan played like a bunch of Kansas City pillowbitergots! what the **** was that? absolutely PATHETIC. if Hardaway doesn't go insane making FIVE 3 pointers in a row....MI gets their ass kicked at home by 10 or more.

Badgers and Fartans next.

better wake up bitches!

and as if I wasn't pissed off enough....Dicky V singing a ****ing letter of intent saying "I wanna be a Buckeye babeeeee". you stupid mother****er, you're in Chrysler arena so shut the **** up before someone breaks your nose......AGAIN!
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