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Originally Posted by ZepSinger View Post
So I'm pulling into Lansing KS last Saturday night at about 6pm... my band had a gig at a local bar just east of Leavenworth. I look in the rearview mirror and see the cop cherries- crap.

So, I pull over. Cop asks me like 3 times where I'm from and where I'm going- it seemed pretty obvious he was trying to catch me in a non-truth. Tells me he clocked me at 60 in a 50. OK, not the end of the world- I've had more than a few of those in my time.
Suddenly, he says 'sir, have you had any alcohol tonight? I smell alcohol on your breath.' I say no, then remember that I had had one 12oz. beer with pizza at 2:30. So I tell him as much. Then- 'sir, you'll need to step out of your car'. And then I get the battery of tests- follow the little blue light with my eyes, heel-to-toe 9 steps out and back, lift one foot with arms at the side while counting (by the way- those tests are fairly hard to do even when stone cold sober IMO). Backup arrives. Here comes the breathalyzer. He informs me that I can refuse to take the test, but doing so carries a charge in itself. I know I have nothing to worry about, so I say sure. He then says to wait in my car for the results.I text the other guitarist to tell him I might be late. Or I might not be able to be there at all. The cop comes back and says 'your BAC is less than .01. KS legal limit is .08. You are obviously well under the limit. But here's your speeding ticket. Have a good evening.'

57 years old and my first field sobriety test. Even though I knew I was going to be OK, it still freaked me out a bit(and sorta ruined my night). I dunno, I've heard from many people that you should never submit to these tests- being a FST virgin, I just didn't know what to do for sure. I knew I wasn't going to test drunk, so I felt pretty safe in taking the test. Maybe that was stupid, I don't know. I'm assuming that some of you CP'ers have experienced this honor as well? What have you done in this situation?

Same! Differences, Leawood I am 52, second ever(failed first one at 33ish, but got a break)..12:20a.m....51 in a 35...freezing cold, no coat! Field sobriety tests are all but unpossible when you are shivering in the cold! I didn't, however ask my level...just took my ticket and drove to my WARM home!
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