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This is a good example of why scouting sucks. Way too much revisionist history. Robert Griffin looked like a really good prospect coming out, but he wasn't without flaws. Smith probably would be behind Griffin, but he'd be significantly ahead of Tannehill and pretty close to RGIII. What scouts and fans also forget is how aberrational last year's QBs were. Because there isn't a once-every-fifteen-years prospect at QB (who was also the third best rookie QB last year, FWIW), the assumption is to move to the exact end of the spectrum. Oh, no Luck or RGIII? Well then EVERYONE must suck. The ability to see things in a continuum is wholly absent.

Pundits do the same thing when re-evaluating draft classes. If a guy underperforms, they say that he was actually a second rounder who was reached for, when the reality is that maybe one scout out of twenty had such an opinion.

**** idiots. The lot of them.

ALL of this. The histrionics over this year's QB class is amazing.
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