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There is no other pick. There is no need on this team greater than our need at quarterback. Don't buy the talk the windowlickers throw out about how no QB is worth the top pick this year. If a QB is good enough to be picked anywhere in the top 20, then for this team, he's good enough to be picked first overall.
This. There is no other option to selecting a QB except giving up hope.

It used to be in the last 20 years that only three positions justified a #1 pick: QB, LT, or pass rusher.

The NFL has evolved and the positional value of a QB is now far greater than it was when "conventional wisdom" came up with the foregoing.

QB is success-determinative. There is no other position on the field that will dictate success. You can win by using an average LT easier than winning with an average QB.

It has to be a QB for a team whose most desperate need is QB. It is too bad that there is no consensus QB superstar in this draft, but the choices are good enough to justify taking the QB #1.
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